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Tangled Tides (The Sea Monster Memoirs, #1) - Karen Amanda Hooper 3.5-4 starsI don’t have much experience with books about mermaids, so I may either be perfect or incapable of reviewing this properly. I have, however, read two other books by Karen Amanda Hooper and I feel more than qualified to review her as a writer. And I really love her! Her books are always entertaining, well-written and so funny and Tangled Tides is no exception. It was fast-paced, funny and I had such a hard time putting it down (seriously, school, workouts and housework should be on hold whenever you’re reading something amazing!). The story starts out with a storm and takes off pretty fast from there. Yara is only human for like 5 or 6 pages and then her new life begins. It may seem a bit rushed, but I liked it. There was so much to know about the merfolk and Yara’s role in events to come that the beginning being a little rushed was a small price to pay. But frankly, it didn’t stop at that. A few things through the story were a bit rushed and not quite explained to my satisfaction and even if it didn’t ruin the story for me, it annoyed me quite a bit.I really liked Yara. She was sassy, funny and didn’t put up with anybody. She was a bit whiny at first, but she was just turned in to a mermaid, so I figured I could cut her some slack. I loved her bantering with Treygan and the development between the two of them was so sweet. Rownan was an awesome character and he was so complex! I never guessed any of his secrets and I loved that.The world building was amazing. Everything was described and explained so well and I loved how it wasn’t ‘just’ about mermaids, but had all sorts of creatures and mythological appearances. I’ve read a lot of reviews trashing the book because of things like the c-weed and seagarettes that Treygan and Rownan smoke to stay alive, but I didn’t find it insulting. I found it rather hilarious along with a bunch of other stuff re-written to fit the universe below the waves. Yes, drugs and cigarettes are bad, but there had to be some sort of thing keeping them alive THAT THEY WANTED TO GET RID OF by getting back home and the c-weed and seagarettes are the perfect tool for it. Overall I really liked this book. It isn’t as good as The Kindrily series, but definitely worth a read.