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Undeclared (Woodlands, #1) - Jen Frederick Not bad, but not great either. Kind of meh. The sex-parts and the making out seemed weird to me. Like the words didn't really fit the situation:"When his tongue crept into my mouth, I greeted it with my own. My hands reached up to strike the strands of his hair and mold them against the shape of his beautiful head."I may be alone in this, but for me words like 'crept' and 'mold' just aren't fit for this kind of situation. I didn't really care for Noah at all. He only seemed interested in sex even when he tried justifying it with "feelings" - it always ended up with him wanting her in his bed. It got old! Besides, the whole fighting part made the book seem a bit much like Beautiful Disaster - only with fewer feelings and less crazy!Grace is quiet the Mary Sue at the beginning, but she gets better. I never really liked her, but I tolerated her at the end. Apparently, girls in NA books have to be pushed toward everything. Sigh.The story had a lot more depth than I imagined and I really liked that. I loved that most chapters started with a letter - it made the backstory seem more real. And it was really well written. I'm going to read the next in the series, but only because it's about Bo!