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If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan I’m pretty sure homosexuality in Iran isn’t a very common theme in books – I’m actually 100 % sure I have never seen a book about it before, which obviously triggered my curiosity. The story sounded so beautiful and I was expecting a somewhat tragic love story filled with deep and pure emotions and some sort of hunt for justice. I didn’t get any of that.Two things don’t work for; Sahar’s love for Nasrin and the way Nasrin behaves. Nasrin is a spoiled little brat, who believes she can get the world to do whatever she wants – and very often she can! I seemed like she’s only interested in Sahar to get a self-esteem boost, because who doesn’t want to feel wanted. But really, it’s the traditional family (and the material goods) she wants. Nowhere in the story did I feel any love from her toward Sahar, that wasn’t friendly-love and I didn’t get why Sahar kept up with her behavior.Sahar doesn’t seem to know why she loves Nasrin either. Maybe it’s because she can’t believe someone as amazing as Nasrin would ever want her. Maybe it’s because she’s trying to hold on to something since her entire life fell apart when her mother died and her father ended up with a depression. I don’t know. Either way, she complains about Nasrin A LOT. She complains about how childish and unfair Nasrin is (and I completely agree), but I just don’t know how you can claim to love someone, you don’t even like.What does work for me is Sahar’s relationship with her dad. It feels so real and they act realistic toward each other. Also, the writing was really great – it made it easy to get into the story.If You Could Be Mine could have been a beautiful love story, but ends up as a young woman’s search for herself. And that’s great, but that wasn’t what I was promised. It’s a great read, if you could redefine your expectations first.