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Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae Often NA books are about a young man and a young woman who meet and has to get through an awful lot before they can be together, at least one of them has to have a serious childhood trauma and sex has to be a big part of the story. Luckily, Friday Night Alibi is nothing like that. Instead, there are great characters with realistic emotional baggage and a very cute story.Chase may come off as quiet an ass at first, but I really liked him. He’s funny, geeky and so cute – I’ll admit it, I kind of swooned. Kelli isn’t likeable at first either, but I liked her thoughts and I loved how she saw everything; Chase, her life and everything with Alex. She isn’t some snobby rich kid, which is nice. I was kind of put off by the amount of religion in the story, but it never gets preachy. I loved the relationship between Kelli and Chase. They are so nasty toward each other, but in a very fun way. They change so much as their relationship evolves, but the teasing never stops. I adored the nerdy parts, especially since I’m a big HALO fan myself, and I loved their nicknames and their obsession with oranges – it’s all so very cute! What I didn’t like was the alibi-part – I just don’t get it. I don’t see how she gets anything out of it. Money, sure, but she doesn’t need them. And it doesn’t really seem like she has other customers than Alex. I didn’t care for Kelli’s friend either. She seems like a filler-character and I hate those. The story isn’t that hard to figure out, but there are a few surprises and overall it’s a nice and funny story. I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it for a cute summer-read.