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En velbevaret hemmelighed - Kate Morton I’ve read both The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours and I liked both of them very much. But The Secret Keeper was different. I didn’t just like it. I LOVED it. Kate Morton wrote an amazing book and I loved every second of it.The story takes place both in 2011 from Laurels POV and in 1941 (in war-torn London) from Dorothy’s POV. I loved how the two storylines complimented and supported each other into making a rich and powerful story. By creating the extra storyline instead of just telling what had happened back in 1941 the reader gets to experience the whole thing and make up his/hers own mind about the events and the characters. Personally, I believe it made me think of Dorothy, Vivien, Jimmy and Henry in a different way. I think it made me like them so much more.Kate Morton writes so vividly and her characters are filled with life and soul. It makes them feel like old acquaintances. She is capable of writing characters that I hated in one chapter, but loved in the next. They felt so real! The story is reeks of desperation, but it’s also filled with hope, love and survival. The mystery was so very well done and had one twist after the other. Every time I thought, I had it all figured out, something happened that complete changed everything! It was so captivating and impossible to put down. If you like a good mystery, strong characters and a well-plotted book, The Secret Keeper is definitely worth checking out!