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Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper When I read Grasping at Eternity I really loved the concept, but I thought the execution lacked something and the story too easily figured out. Taking Back Forever got rid of all the things I didn’t like and is far better than its predecessor.Maryah has changed a lot and even though she hasn’t gotten her memory back, she’s a much more interesting protagonist. I simply adored the relationship she had with Nathan – they are so perfect together and he is amazing. I seriously want my own Nathan! Their relationship changes throughout the story and becomes a lot more romantic. I couldn’t get enough of it and I WANT MORE!!Harmony plays an important part in the book and some of the chapters are from her point of view. I really disliked her in Grasping at Eternity, but once I got inside her head I started to understand and like her. Where Maryah is the nice and kind girl, Harmony is wild and fierce and I really liked the contrast between the girls. Their love interests are so different but amazing none the less. Almost all the other characters are awesome, but I especially liked Carson – he holds a special place in my heart right next to Nathan.The story is very action packed but there is still plenty of character development. The story is filled with joys and sorrows and it was so captivating. Karen Amanda Hooper writes so well and I devoured the book in no time. I can’t wait to read the last installment in the series since Taking Back Forever ends with a cliffhanger. Granted, it was voluntarily to read the cliffhanger ending, but come on – who can resist that? I just want more NOW!!!