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How Beauty Met the Beast - Jax Garren I was led to believe that this was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast – the title kind of gave me that idea – but frankly it wasn’t. The only thing this story has in common with the classic fairy tale is that Hauk is (a beast) ugly and Jolie is a beauty. That was rather disappointing.Once I got over my disappointment, I actually enjoyed the story. Both Hauk and Jolie are likeable characters, even if they are somewhat cliché. Hauk is the big, protective military man with the weird black-outs and Jolie is the rich, wild girl filled with confidence and humor. They are great together and their relationship and interactions carry the story for me and makes it more than just ‘okay’. There aren’t that many secondary characters, but I have to mention the niece – she’s so funny!The story is more or less pure action, even from the very first sentence and it was quite confusing at first, but I got used to the fast pace. The rescue mission is completely absurd and so is the supernatural element that shows up all of a sudden – but it’s fun none the less and I really liked it. There is one sex scene in the story, which I thought was really weird and could easily have done without. Overall this story is raw entertainment; it’s stupid, fun, weird, exciting and filled with action. Most likely I’ll read the rest of the series and enjoy the quick entertainment they’ll bring. Perfect for a lazy day on the beach!