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Dragonfly (Dragonfly, #1) - Leigh Talbert Moore Sometimes all you need is a nice and easy YA book with an interesting protagonist and a thrilling storyline and that was exactly what I hoped for when I picked up Dragonfly. I’m not going as far as saying I was disappointed, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. (There is a lot of I’s in that sentence!).Anna is not my favorite protagonist ever. I found her incredible stupid and I was so embarrassed for her when she chased after Jack - seriously girl, have some self-respect. There are times where she was a normal, sensitive teen, but they were few and far between. I did however love the fact that her parents and her grandmother was an active part of the story and actually helped her in the story. Way to often the parents have gone missing from YA books.I adored Julian, even though he obviously isn’t flawless. I didn’t get his patience about Anna, but he’s so sweet, talented and amazing. He demanded nothing from her, but gave her everything. Jack, on the other hand, was an ass. He toys with Anna’s emotions - treats her like a woman one minute, then turns around and treats her like a child. I drove me insane! He’s also a very fast mover and takes it too far on his and Anna’s first evening together. Throughout the story he seems interested only in his own feelings and Anna’s body. I really can’t stand him!I had some pretty big issues with the story and the following may contained small spoilers:Anna and her friends decide to go drag racing and obviously that calls for alcohol (wait, what?!). Two of the guys crashed and has to go to the hospital and Jack asks Anna to drive one of the girls home because the two of them can’t be there when the police arrives because they had too much to drink. At NO POINT in the story has Anna any remorse about drunk driving! It’s just so wrong and so far off from the Anna I’ve gotten to know. At some point Anna is at a party at the twins place and she finds Jack all over another girl. They aren’t together at this point, but obviously she gets upset and leaves the part. The next day (or a couple of days later - I don’t remember) he finds her at the beach and explains to her, that he didn’t know she was going to be at the party. That’s all the explanation she gets and apparently it’s enough because moments later she’s all over him. Gawd!!And my last problem: At some point Anna gets, as Christmas gift from Lucy, a picture of Anna and Jack, despite the fact that Lucy knows Anna isn’t seeing him anymore and the picture really hurts her. What kind of friends does that? So inappropriate!No more mini spoilersThe mystery part of the story is too easy to figure out, but it really doesn’t matter. It kind of gives the story a TV-show-feel that I really liked. The writing is very enjoyable and it’s easily read - no questions asked; Leigh. T. Moore knows how to write. Dragonfly is an okay read for the beach and I plan on continuing the series, mostly to figure out which of the guys Anna ends up with.