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The Assassin’s Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1) - Cassandra Rose Clarke I read The Mad Scientist’s Daughter a while back and I loved it, so my expectations before diving into another Cassandra Rose Clarke book were enormous. I wouldn’t say I ended up disappointed, but it was definitely different from what I had expected. Jeg really liked Ananna even if she annoyed me at times. She’s a pirate’s daughter who spent her entire life on a boat and it really shows; the way she acted and the way she talked. It took me a while to get use to her way her of talking and I’ll admit - I hated it at first. But slowly it grew on me and I ended up really liking it and I think it suits Ananna well. She is a very strong protagonist who doesn’t put up with anything and who is willing to go the distance and interested in proving that she CAN go the distance, even if she is ‘only a woman’. I would have loved to have some chapters from Naji’s POV (he’s the assassin) because I found it hard to connect with him. It isn’t till the end of the book I feel like he’s a person and that’s really sad because I ended up really liking him. Besides, I would have LOVED more information about the assassins. They sound beyond awesome! Thankfully, there is a lot of pirate stuff to help me get over it and I’ll just cross my fingers for more assassin stuff in the second book The Pirate’s Wish. The story is action packed and very exciting. The magic was awesome and I especially loved the shadow-thing the assassin’s had going on. The writing was very different from what I expected. It was well written, but without the depth I loved in The Mad Scientist’s Daughter. This book is obviously for a younger audience, but it worked for me too. The Assassin’s Curse is for everyone with a hankering for adventure, mystery and magic - besides, who can turn down a mix of assassins and pirates?!