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Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) - Katie McGarry When I read Pushing the Limits my feelings toward Beth was something like this:So obviously, my hopes weren't high when I figured out she was the MC in Dare you to. Still, I had to read it - after all, it is written by the amazing Katie McGarry which means it deserves a chance. And I'm so glad I read it, cause boy, oh boy was it amazing!Beth is easier to understand and endure when you're inside her head. She really surprised me and even though she acts like an annoying, crazy teen most of the time, she shows that there is more to her. She is loyal, stubborn, understanding and even nice at times! Her life is far from easy and she has some tough choices to make. Instead of making me insane, she made me feel like this most of the times:Especially about the Isaiah-situation. I mean, OMG - that was heart wrenching! I didn't care for him one bit during Pushing the Limits but when Beth told him, she loved him as a friend, she broke my heart. Poor Isaiah! Uh, and Ryan. Hot damn, I'd like me some of that! I loved how he had to win everything, I loved his relationship with his friends, I loved his charm, his looks and his personality. And I really liked how Katie McGarry gave him real issues and not just 'rich-boy-issues'. Ryan is everything a girl like me a girl like Beth needs!The storyline is very intriguing and so intense! I've read a lot of reviews saying that the start was slow, but I didn't feel that - I liked getting to know Ryan before he met Beth and I liked how their relationship develops slowly and realistic. The writing (and the story!) is so seducing and I was unable to put it down.It was both heartbreaking and reassuring. I drew me in and the rest of the World was lost on me. I can't wait for the final installment about Isaiah - he deserves a happy ending! Katie McGarry's books are awesome and you should all read them! Now!(Oh, and if you're reading this, Mrs. McGarry, please never stop writing books!)