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Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper Grasping at Eternity has a very turbulent start with a lot of action and it’s really awesome. But at some point it got so confusing and words where used that I had no idea what meant. And they weren’t explained for a very long time, which meant I had to guess the meaning. Not good - it annoyed the *beep* out of me!Maryah isn’t the greatest protagonist ever, but she’s still interesting enough to make me keep reading. It just seemed like there was more to her (well, duh!) I did, however, find it very odd that she was supposed to be somewhat of a wallflower before ‘the episode’ in the beginning of the book. Throughout the story she seemed so popular and well-liked. She is very naïve and she hasn’t got a clue about anything regarding boys or bad guys! The whole stupid-protagonist-deal got old real quick!The love part was adorable! I loved Nathan and seeing Maryah through his eyes was amazing - he seemed so real and at the same time just too good to be true. Karen Amanda Hooper really succeeded in making Nathans frustrations real and easy to understand.The rest of the characters seemed a bit cliché and over-the-top, but the futher I got into the story, the more I began to like them. The plot wasn’t really that different from a ton of other stories and the River-part was awful and it almost hurt me to watch Maryah acting like such an idiot! It really bugged me and is the main reason for the ‘low’ rating.The supernatural part on the other hand! Oh my, I loved it!!! It kind of reminded me of X-Men, but it never seemed like a rip off at all! (Oh, and I LOVED the Jumper reference). So many great and different powers are introduced and it helped me a lot with identifying each of the characters. I can’t wait to find out more about those abilaties, because obviously I’m going to continue this series. The last part of the book was mainly awesome and I need me some more Nathan! Thank you, Karen Amanda Hooper, for releasing Taking Back Forever very soon!