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Etiquette for the End of the World - Jeanne  Martinet Sometimes you need a nice, short chick-lit to brighten your day. Something funny and easy to read. I thought that was just what I got, when I decided to read Etiquette for the End of the World. I was wrong!It has the classic chick-lit-start: Woman has been left by boyfriend, lost her job and is desperate for something to happen. Granted, Tess is a bit older than my usual chick-lit-reads protagonists, but actually it never really shows. She could just as well have been 25. She comes across a great opportunity for her to make some money and off we go.So much in this story seems either irrelevant or coincidental. She just happens to meet a librarian who knows secret stuff and who has a friend who knows more stuff. Jeez, I don’t get why they are a part of the story? She could have come across this secret without introducing more characters that I didn’t care for! Tess ends up in a lot of unrealistic situations which resolves themselves very easily. Seriously, the part about how they got out of the big mansion thingy with the big bad was beyond stupid! Overall the conspiracy theory part was too much and I didn’t care for it. At times the story (well, Tess anyways) was condescending and rude, which, obviously, is never a good thing.But the story had some good qualities after all. It was somewhat funny. I like the parts about the book - it was funny in a cute way and I would actually have loved to buy that book. Etiquette for the End of the World gets 2 stars for being weirder than I ever thought possible for a chick-lit - but really, read something else. There are plenty of great and funny stories out there!