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Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid I was so looking forward to reading Pretty Dark Nothing. The blurp sounded amazing and the cover is gorgeous!Unfortunately, Quinn is far from the ideal protagonist for me. She obviously has issues; both her father and her boyfriend left her and she is being chased by demons and shadows in her dreams. It’s a great premise for a book, but it gives the author a choice; either the protagonist is going to be a whiny child-like girl or she is going to be an amazingly strong protagonist. Frankly, Quinn is the first kind! She is so overwhelmed by everything that happens to her, that she just give up - she just lets things happen without trying very hard to change them and she lets other people make her choices. I really hated that! And it’s such a shame because her problems, thoughts and feelings are so well described and I understood most of her actions, but at some point she just ruins everything!Aaron is an entirely different story. He’s amazing; sweet, genuine and completely infatuated with Quinn! The POV changes between Aaron and Quinn, which means the reader gets to know Aaron so well - I adore him! He was the reason I kept reading and he made the teen drama seem plausible and real.Heather L. Reid is an amazing writer and she kept up a nice balance between creepy passages and funny ones. The funny is mostly contained of Reese and Marcus and I especially liked Marcus’ kind of humor."I've never seen someone so determined to stay at school." She squinted at Quinn, deciding her fate. "I'm still calling your mother; she needs to know. But I won't send you home if you come to my office for some orange juice and cookies." "You're not going to share your liver and onions with a starving girl, Mrs. C?" Marcus asked. "Shameful. And you're supposed to be a health professional." She scrowled at him. "That's enough from you, Mr. Woods. The three of you should get to class. I'll take it from here." "What? I'm just trying to make the girl laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine. You're a nurse. You should know that."The creepy parts are mostly at the beginning and are executed with fogs, voiced and shadows. It was pretty scary, but when the demons became more real and started having wings and hissed at Quinn the scary wore off. The ending was the worst part of the book. It changed the entire story and, even though there had been a few vague hinters, it totally surprised me - but not in a good way. Despite my rating I’m not sure I’m going to continue this series - it just got too weird for my taste.