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Fragments (Partials, #2) - Dan Wells Since I adored Partials my expectations for this one were huge! Thankfully Dan Wells wrote an amazing sequel which I loved from the very beginning.Kira is so my kind of protagonist! She is strong, but sensitive. She sticks to her opinions and isn't afraid of being herself. She's also very independent but she's getting better at letting other people have a say. She goes through a lot in Fragments and starts doubting herself at some point, but still manages to keep her integrity and her hopes intact. I simple love her. Her journey with Afa, Heron and Samm is super exciting and shows the reader just how screwed up the world has gotten.Both Kira's journey and Marcus' battle 'back home' has surprises and twist I did not anticipate, but it was awesome! If a writer knows how to surprise the reader, I'm a fan! The humor in the story is just as great as the last one and especially Marucs was hilarious (I may be biased, since I really like him and his part in the story).Marcus froze, suddenly realizing why the voice sounded so familiar. "Kira?" "Hey, babe," said Kira. "Miss me?" "What?" Marcus stumbled for words. "Where are you? What's going on? Why is Dr. Morgan looking for me?" "Probably because she wants me," said Kira. "The good news is, she has no idea where I am." "Well that's a relief," said Haru derisevely. "I'm so glad Kira's safe." Marcus thumbed the radio button. "Haru says hi."The entire story is intriguing and even though a lot of questions are answered, just as many new ones pop up - it left me wanting more. The pace is a bit slow at times without the story being boring. The story is, however, a bit more detailed and thorough about the science and the reasons behind the crisis than most in the YA dystopian genre, but that only made me love it more.The Partials series is quickly becoming one of my favorites!