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When Copper Suns Fall - KaSonndra Leigh Despite the fact that I don't really like book about angels, I said yes when I was offered this book for review. It just sounded so awesome - I had to give it a try. I wasn't impressed by the beginning and for a while I actually thought about quitting the book - I just couldn't get into the story. Obviously the author needs the reader to know about the setting, but I just felt shot down by information about the war, the angels, the society and Chela herself. It was so confusing and I didn't connect with Chela at all. She seemed so indifferent to me and most of the time she didn't seem to care about anything but Micah. It seemed like she created trouble for the sake of trouble and I didn't get why. Actually, a lot of things happen in the beginning that I didn't understand - maybe I'm slow - but I though the setting was confusing, the protagonist was annoying and there were no plot anywhere. Not much reason for me to keep reading.. Enter Faris. Suddenly, I wanted to keep reading, keep learning about this guy. He gave Chela something to do, besides get in trouble. He gave the story depth and life. He was swell. Yeah, I really liked Faris and, as the only character in the book, I felt like I got to know him. He's awesome and he kept surprising me.Chela matures through the book and I ended up really liking her, which really surprised med (I seriously didn't like her in the beginning!). Despite the fact that Micah is more or less a no-show, he's constantly in her thoughts and a big part of her actions and I didn't get that until the end. Well, I got the part about the coma and all, but he just pops up at weird times, I think. There are so many different character and so many names to remember and I just couldn't do it. A couple of times I had to go back to find out who certain people was and that sucked (especially on a Kindle). But Seht and Jalen were special, important and worth remembering. I liked both of them and I loved that Chela had more than a classic love triangle. The angel part turned out to be quiet fantastic and even if I hadn't liked it, there is so much more going on in the story - different powers, different abilities - I loved it! The setting really has some potential once you get it. When Copper Suns Fall has a slow start and I had to get use to the writing. It's not bad (most of the time) but every once in a while it get a bit dense. The story has a few surprises to it and it did not end the way I thought it would - I loved that! The last half of the book was amazing, filled with action, real emotions and personal growth. And even if the book doesn't end with a major cliff hanger, I'm so excited for the next book about Chela.