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Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins If I don't like the protagonist, I have a very hard time liking the book which is my exact problem with Sweet Evil; I hate Anna! She is so damn annoying, way too sweet and innocent and there is absolutely no progress throughout the book. She just remains this blue-eyed little girl with a mayor crush - yawn! And the crush part I don't get - how can she fall in love with a guy, who treats her like that and who's job sucks (from girlfriend POV, probably not from Kaidan's).Kaidan is almost as boring as Anna. He’s supposed to be the bad guy, but I just never feel it - he just seems like an ass! He treats Anna horribly and I don't get why she likes him. Seriously, the love story in Sweet Evil ain't that sweet.I really loved Anna's adoptive mother, Patti, in the beginning. She was protective, loving and careful right up till the point where she sends her daughter of on a road trip with the son of lust. Huh? Talk about irresponsible. It doesn't seem like her at all and it's just wrong!Kope I liked - a lot. The love triangle thingy doesn't work, but I liked his personality and the choices he makes.I very much liked the idea about angels, demons and the different kind of dukes and I would have loved this book had Anna and Kaidan been the slightest bit interesting. Unfortunately most of the story is about their road trip. Anna's ability to see emotions as color is awesome and mostly I just really want to read the story with different main characters - I think it could have been amazing. I'm still considering reading the next in the series in the hope of character development. I mean, come on - you can't have that great a premise and keep destroying it with lack of character building! Wendy Higgins, I'm rooting for you :)