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Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry I've read tons of great reviews so my expectations before starting this book were through the roof. Besides, I think most books about teens with problems are either shallow or lecturing and I hoped for something better. Thankfully Pushing the Limits was amazing. Echo is an incredible protagonist. She's sensitive, loving, broken, confined and strong. She doubts herself a lot without ever being annoying - it actually makes sense that she feels like that. She is easy to like and her struggle to recover her lost memory is so riveting. I'm not a big fan of Noah. The part of the story about him and his brothers makes him seem so callous and very self-centered. And he just seems so dumb at times, like when it comes to doing drugs. Noah is a teenager which means he thinks about sex ALL the time and it gets boring, just like constantly being told how great Echo smells and how perfect she is - I'm not stupid, quiet repeating. But thankfully Noah changes around Echo and when he changes, I like him! Suddenly he is the perfect guy and I enjoyed reading about him.I LOVE Mrs. Collins. She is awesome and I adored her sense of humor. She tries to be hip and smart which is so funny and at the same time she shows patience and trust and she understands. Every teen should have a Mrs. Collins in their life.The POV changes between Noah and Echo which works great most of the time. Unfortunately, some of the chapters end with some sort of a cliffhanger and the next chapter starts up with a different POV at a later time and just get a short explanation of what happened. It annoyed me - I want the story when it happens. (That sounds weird; I really hope you understand what I mean).Pushing the Limits is very well written and feelings just pouring out of the pages. No insta-love, but a beautiful, believable and heartbreaking love story filled with hope, beauty and courage.