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Shadow of Time - Jen Minkman I received the book from the author in exchanges of an honest review.I wasn't fully aware of what genre Shadow of Time was before I started it. Fantasy or chick-lit?First half of the book is definitely chick-lit and I loved it! I adored Hannah; she's funny, independents og ready for a great summer. No teenage insecurity, but a young woman capable of standing on her own two feet and she doesn't need a man to have fun. Her brother Ben is amazing and almost as fun as his sister. Josh is fantastic and even though I thought a lot about the age difference in the beginning, it's not that noticeable later on.I like the slow romance that develops between Josh and Hannah. Nice and easy they go from being childhood friends to having their first kiss and then things escalate. They barely kissed before the words ‘I love you’ are uttered and that's just too soon, even if an explanation follows later on.The most noteworthy part of the book was the writing. It has a nice flow and it's both vivid and riveting - it completely captured me and I'm definitely going to read whatever else Jen Minkman publishes. First half of the book vanished between my fingers in no time and I loved every bit of it; Hannah making friends, Hannah falling in love, Hannah enjoying her summer. It was so relaxing and I kept wishing for a beach and warm weather. Slowly the paranormal part was introduced into the story and it worked very well in the beginning, but at some point it just got to be too much. Too much information came at me at once about the Navajo's and Josh and even though it was thrilling, I had a hard time remembering all of it.Still, the story of the Navajo's is very interesting and especially Josh's story is heartbreaking and merciless - I enjoy getting to know him so well. Frankly, the story got a bit too paranormal, probably because I kept feeling that the book mostly was a chick-lit and those two genres doesn't cooperate very well for me.At some point during the story something happens that makes it impossible for Josh and Hannah to be together which makes Hannah extremely depressed. Like really. She changes completely, as if Josh was her only reason to be happy. It doesn't fit the Hannah I loved in the beginning and it just annoyed the hell out of me, pardon my French. Too much teenage drama!The ending seems a little rushed and it’s a bit too easy. I get the message and symbolic of it, but it happens so fast compared to the enormous build-up.The first half of the book is a sure 5 star rating, but due to the amount of paranormal stuff (in what I felt was primarily a chick-lit), the easy ending and Hannah's break-down, Shadow of Time unfortunately only gets 3 stars (well, 3,5 stars).Side note: I wasn't aware that the book was a self-published before I read it and I haven't got the best experience with self-published books. Shadow of Time is, however, the exception - it wasn't filled with spelling mistakes, the story is coherent and it leaves no loose ends. Way to go, Jen Minkman!