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The Mad Scientist’s Daughter - Cassandra Rose Clarke In all my years as a reader, only two books managed to make me cry. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter almost got the third spot! Throughout most of the book I had a huge lump in my throat and several times at had to put the book down to make sure I wouldn’t cry – the melancholy from Cat hit me straight on.The story unfolds at a very slow pace which was a bit boring at times, but as a hole it worked really well. It gives the reader a change to get to know Cat in a different way. The writing is just beautiful and it pulled me in between the pages every time I turned on my Kindle.We meet Cat when she is approximately 6 years old and she meets Finn for the very first time. In the beginning, she thinks he is a ghost which I found so endearing. But in general Cat is a cute and innocent as a child. My problem with her only starts when she enters college; she becomes so cold-hearted and indifferent about everything. It eats me up that she cares so little about things and to me it seems like she just uses Finn at first – he is only a robot, he exists to please her needs. She makes some stupid choices but she changes during the story and her spirit from her childhood slowly enlightens again. The slow development of Cats feelings is heartbreaking and makes the book a long and beautiful love story.The book opens up some really tough questions; when are you human? When do you have rights? What is love? If something looks human, acts human but isn’t human, how do you deal with it? This book is definitely worth a read! It took me through the entire scale of feelings and I loved every step. Cassandra Rose Clarke is an amazing writer!