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A Shimmer of Angels (Angel Sight, #1) - Lisa M. Basso Ray is an interesting protagonist due to her constantly battling herself. She has spent several years of psychotherapy trying to convince herself that angels aren’t real and she’s only imagining them. So when she starts at a new school and sees a guy with bright wings and shortly after sees another guy with dark wings, she starts to wonder if she really is imagining them. She has a lot of conflicts with her family and yet somehow finds the strength to fight for what she believes. A strong protagonist who has spent to long thinking she was crazy and weak! I love it.Even though it may seem like there is going to be a to-guys-one-girl-triangle, there is a very important thing, that makes it seems less cheesy and boring. "Cam would probably Fall to protect me. That was an option I could live with. And Kade? He was enten hot or cold, starting trouble or being sweet. I did not even know som he really was. Except damn annoying . "(p. 284)Cam annoys me throughout the entire story. He is such a do-gooder (yeah, yeah, he’s an angel – it’s his job. But come on, it get old real quick). He always puts his job before Ray and generally I just don’t like him! Kade on the other hand – uh, he is great! He’s a Fallen, unpredictable and always puts himself first. He’s story is very interesting and I would love to know more about him!There are a few times where the story didn’t work for me, for instant:'He might look my age, but sometimes, da han said weird things like that, I could not shake the feeling he was much older.' (p. 85)This thought of Rays happens the first time she talks to Cam – it makes no sense since she hasn’t heard him say weird things earlier.Despite my few issues A Shimmer of Angels is a really great story. Even if the plot is not the most inventive, I got a few surprises along the way. A great debut from Lisa M. Basso