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Stormvind  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl I'm not used to reading books where the protagonist is a young man, so I was very skeptical about it before I started. Fortunately, it works really well and Ethan is a lovely protagonist. Even so, he is not my favorit character. A couple of the minor characters are much more interesting: Link og Macon where very interesting acquaintances in their own way. But all the characters in Storm Wind has personality and make the story deeper and more vibrant. Family is a very important part of the story and it's nice to read about in a YA book.Although it is often seen in YA that the protagonist doesn't feel at home and are different than everyone around him, it didn't feel cliché to read about Ethan's longing to get away and his irritation with a lot of things in Gatlinburg, cause he actually has a reason to be so different. As his and his family's story unfolds, you will understand him more and more and his attitude towards many things makes perfect sense. He is a funny protagonist in a rather sarcastic manner and general is humor in Storm Wind is great and I smiled several times while I was reading. Storm Wind is absolutely fantastic written and I really felt like Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl had managed to capture the Confederate spirit. The book is filled with references to Kill a Mockingbird, which I loved! The story is formed as a countdown to Lena's birthday and it makes the story more or less exciting throughout. Storm Wind tells about a lot of things besides Lena's fate and gives a nice insight into both family relationships, Confederate culture and Ethan's school life without losing relevance to the core of the story. At times the book was a bit lengthy and it is the only reason that it ends with 'only' 4 stars. It really is a good book that I want to recommend. I will certainly read further in the series and I look forward to seeing the film in the spring (by the way - do not watch the trailer for the movie before reading the book. Movie-Ethan does in no way fit the book-ethan!).