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Den fortabte helt (Olympens helte #1) - Rick Riordan One of the first things I discovered when I started reading The Lost Hero, was that I made a big mistake by not reading the books about Percy Jackson first. The book was filled with references and I have a feeling that the book starts shortly after the last Percy Jackson book ends. I would strongly recommend that you read Percy Jackson first!Despite all this, I think that The Lost Hero is a great book. The whole god-related aspect is incredibly exciting and even though there are many people, they never seem flat or indifferent. However, I had quite a problem with two of the protagonists' names: Piper and Leo - my thoughts go immediately to the tv-show Charmed.Piper, Leo and Jason are very different, but they are a great team. Leo is the fun feature and I feared I would get sick of him. Fortunately he contained more than a great sense of humor and he was an interesting person to follow. Piper was the one I liked best. Her troubles and her gifts are fantastic. She is a nice mix of a kick-ass heroine and a wounded teenager. Jason I find it difficult to relate to. He seems a bit weird, like he's hiding from himself. It's like he isn't really there. He seems just a little too brooding and gloomy to be a protagonist, I could really love.Rick Riordan writes fantastic and incredibly funny and made me laugh to myself several times. Generally, it is just a wonderful book and I have no doubt that I have to read more by Rick Riordan.