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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I'm really not a fan of circusses - They are creepy and I stay as far away from them as possible. Yet I decided to read The Night Circus, mainly because of the large number of great reviews and the beautiful cover (really, the cover is gorgeous!. Despite my dislike for circusses, I loved The Night Circus!The story changes in both time and person and at first it is a bit confusing, but it got better as I got to know the characters. As the story unfolds both the characters and the different timesettings gets closer to each other and the story is tied up so beautifully with the most perfect ending!What distinguishes The Night Circus from other books is the atmosphere. I got sucked in to the book and became a part of the circus. There is a particular part of the book, where Bailey finds a tent filled with jars. Whenever he opens one, his senses are overwhelmed by sounds and smells and he is send to the exact spot, he can sense. It is absolutely fantastic and as I read it, I wanted to be at the circus so bad!The writing is alluring and despite the fact that not very much action happens, my heart was pounding must of the time. The language is constantly setting the stage for lots of drama and a tragic lovestory. Generally the language is wonderfull - Erin Morgenstern use old words phrases, but still remains contemporary and the book is not hard to read or understand.It was like reading a fairytale; beautiful, enchanting and impossible to put down!