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Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost After reading 50 Shades I didn't really care for shy girls, so when Cat turned out to be inexperienced and shy I almost lost the desire to read the book. Fortunately the story started out with a murder, so I knew there was more to her than shyness. And luckily it was true. She's really cocky and quick-tempered ones you get to know her.Cat is generally a wonderful protagonist. She has a hard time accepting that part of her is vampire, but chooses to exploit the benefits it gives her. She is still very human annd she (often) overestimates himself and experiencing the consequences of it. She is also really fun and fresh.Bones is nothing less than amazing and I have to admit that I have quite a crush on him. He's just provocative and cocky enough to make it work and it never seems annoying.Although it's quite clear from the beginning how Cat and Bones' relationship will evolve, it's still great to follow developments. Their chemistry is perfect and even when they quarrel you can feel the love.Jeaniene Frost' writing is fluently and easily read. The only really bad thing I can say about the book is that the ending makes me want to read the next one SO badly, but I don't own it (yet)