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A Really Awesome Mess - Trish Cook,  Brendan Halpin It had it's moments, but overall I really didn't like it. Unrealistic and filled with flaws.Let me start by saying that focus on mental illness and problems among young people are very important and I support it highly. But it has to be done rightfully. It has to be serious without being boring and it must be realistic. A Really Awesome Mess is neither.Both Justin and Emmy are horrible main characters. They’re selfish, naïve and obnoxious. The story changes between the two of them, but their narrative voices were completely alike and I had so much trouble separating them.I had some difficulties with the way the school was run. Justin wasn’t admitted because he ate a lot of painkillers to get attention – he got admitted because his dad caught him getting a little too cozy with a girl. At the school he has to be part of a group to talk about his relationship with sex. Admittedly, it may be because I’m not from the States, but to me it’s not that bad for a 16 year-old to be interested in sex and porn – to me it’s a natural part of growing up and exploring your sexuality. The book makes it seem so wrong and I just don’t get it.Emmy is admitted because she has bullied a boy from school on Facebook and because she lost a lot of weight due to anorexia. And once again I don’t get the story; if she has anorexia, why isn’t she regularly weighed and why aren’t they watching what she eats? She obviously can’t control it herself. I just don’t get it! Besides, her entire approach toward food is no way realistic and where does she get all that energy if she doesn’t eat? If you want to read a great book about anorexia, read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.It seems to me that the authors wanted to write a book about young people with problems, but didn’t really care for it anyway and ended up writing a book about young love and friendship – and that’s just not good enough when the premise promises more. I was outraged and shocked more than once, shook my head over and over and I was so angry at the way the school is run – nobody seems to notice anything! If you want a realistic, well told and interesting story, this is NOT the one you want!Just for the fun of it, let’s take some examples of this lousy school:- The group counselor begs the management and the parents to take the group to a market and is granted the wish, if she promises to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t get into trouble. When they arrive, the kids get to run around as they please and when they return to the bus, the group counselor is on the roof of the car, making out with some dude!!! Who does that when they are in charge of a group of mentally unstable kids?! - It’s possible for the kids to keep a pig hidden in their room and sneak food up to it. They never get caught, despite the smell and noise.- The kids are allowed physical violence against each other in group therapy because it helps them open up and reach a common goal. What? Seriously, how is this school running?!