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The Island (The Island #1) - Jen Minkman Before I started reading The Island I was warned that it could seem like Star Wars fan fiction and I want to set one thing straight from the very beginning: This is NOT fan fiction! If you think it is, you have either not read the entire story or you have no idea what fan fiction is. But yes, Star Wars is mentioned and actually plays a rather important part of the story, but never in a fan fiction kind of way (I’m not saying there is something wrong with fan fiction – I’m just trying to separate things!) All right, how many times did I just write ‘fan fiction?’ Let’s get on with the real review:I have to admit that the first couple of times either Star Wars or The Force was mentioned, I found it rather weird and the fact that the main character is called Leia certainly doesn’t help. But as the story unfolds everything started to make sense and it ended up being so much more than I could ever have thought.Leia is a classic dystopian main character; she discovers that something is wrong and decides to change it and along the way she figures out that everything is worse than she thought. Leia is smart and determined, but it’s her actions more than her thoughts that carries the book and as a reader, you never really get to know her 100 %. There are a lot of quiet important secondary characters who are easily separated despite the fact that the reader never gets to know them very well.My main problem with the story is the length – is just too short! A lot has to be explained and solved in very few pages and it shows in quick solutions and easy conflicts. It also makes the story a bit shallow since there is an overload of action and very little character development.The story is filled with interesting subject which I could talk about for hours (or write about for hours maybe?) but it’s difficult to do so without spoiling. Believing, humanity and will power are all very important matter in the story and it makes the reader think afterwards. Jen Minkman is a great author and rumors of a sequel make me very happy.